Over Forty Years of Interior Design Know-How

Caroll-Ann Bainbridge, designer at Renovation Room

It’s difficult to find an interior designer with more practical experience than Caroll-Ann Bainbridge. The Calgary-based designer has worked with hundreds of commercial and residential clients during her 40-plus-year career. With that kind of longevity, she has also seen many design trends come and go, even noting correlations with what is going on in the world at large and how … Read More

The Purity of Courage

Sydney Carlaw, CEO and Principal of Purity Designs

As the CEO of Purity Designs, Sydney Carlaw has built her career out of sheer determination to achieve a vision based on balance and personal principles.

Where Virtual Meets Reality

Nancy Surby, owner of NAKO Design, walks down a staircase featuring Timeless hardwood Kootenay Collection: Crawford Bay.

Nancy Surby knows the most advanced palettes and trends, but this is a woman who has taken the art of design well beyond the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flooring sample Costa Collection Pelosa installed in home

Do you have questions about Hardwood Flooring? Timeless Wood Floors answers you questions to help you choose the best flooring solution!

From Engineering a Floor, to a Timeless Relationship

The Project22Design team – pictured clockwise from upper left Danielle Seiter, Denise Ashmore, Jaclyn Walker, Sarah Lillos, Jaclyn Walker, Mackenzie Jackson) Photo by Yasmeen Strang.

We had the opportunity to speak recently with Denise Ashmore, Principal and Founder of Project22Design Inc. In addition to being a longstanding fan of Timeless Wood Flooring, she is one designer who can claim she actually designed a Timeless floor.