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Designed by Canadians for Canadians

Timeless Wood Floors is the flagship brand of Treeco, a Canadian wood flooring distributor founded in 1996. We are proud to be privately owned by a team of all-Canadian partners from the wood products and lumber business. Timeless is a brand we launched in 2010 in response to our retail dealers' requests for durable wood flooring that would suit the regional tastes of their customers across Canada.

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Our Timeless Origins

As you likely know first-hand, Canada’s temperatures vary from around -40 to +40 Celsius, with humidity from tinder-dry to relentless snow and rain. Keep in mind that the average single-family home can range from $150K to $1.5MM, giving a wide range of budgetary preferences. And furthermore, the home-decor style of Canadians spans just as wide: from laid-back ranch, eco-minimalist, urban chic, and everything in between. Since Treeco is a wholesale distributor, we have had the opportunity to sell countless brands, and observe their strengths and shortfalls.

So how did we design a floor for Canadians?

We brought in interior designers from different parts of Canada to help design our collections. Using our experience selling various brands of flooring over the years, we identified the failure points, and specified Timeless so that it would be as indestructible as possible. We continue to work with Canadian designers to update our collections every year for changing styles.

What makes Timeless’ construction unique?

The “lamella” is the top visual layer of an engineered floor – the species of the lamella is what creates its unique look. We noticed that while peeled lamella works adequately in higher humidity, it fails in dry climates or when the air becomes cold, creating cracks. To avoid this problem, all Timeless floors use sliced or dry-sawn lamellas (a better manufacturing process), which are pre-dried to 6% moisture content (MC), +/- 1%, compared to others on the market which are dried to only 8-9% MC. This allows us to widen our warranty to cover a standard humidity range of 25% – 60%, whereas most brands cover a range from only 30% – 55%.

Is Timeless a Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Brand?

Timeless is Floorscore certified for its indoor air quality – this ensures below-minimum levels of formaldehyde. This means it also meets green building standards such as LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, CHPS, and Green Globes. Timeless hardwood floors have a 25-year warranty on their finish, so they are a high-quality flooring that will not end up in a landfill after a short time. The wood flooring products we sell are also biodegradable.

Timeless is a wholly-owned engineered flooring brand, distributed exclusively on a wholesale basis by Treeco through our approved dealer network.

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