Adding Value to His New Home, at Timeless Wood Flooring

Timeless President Paul Phillips and Vancouver Branch Manager Brad Scott stacking wood flooring

March 2024 ushered in an exciting time at Timeless Wood Floors: a new Vancouver Branch Manager, Brad Scott. Scott has joined our team of hardwood flooring specialists to bring fresh leadership to our team, and recently shared his perspective on the value that real wood flooring brings to today’s homes.

Wood Flooring Adds Value to Homes Beyond Other Floors

Brad says that what drew him to Timeless Wood Flooring was that it offers engineered hardwood products in every range of the spectrum – from entry-level to high-end, and everything in between – helping buyers of all kinds boost their homes’ beauty and value.

“Real wood always has a place, because it adds value and warmth to the home, beyond any other kind of floor. Others, even if they’re durable and attractive, are more value-neutral. Literally, if a seller can say a home has real wood floors, it’s worth more.”

It also has the effect of creating a steady, growing business.

He explains, “Growth is an enduring quality of the industry. There is always demand for wood flooring, because as the population grows, home construction continues, and a steady amount of wood flooring is always a part of it, due to the desired nature of the product.”

But what about similar, less expensive flooring, such as Stone/Wood Polymer Composites
(WPC and SPC), laminate and luxury vinyl plank? Could those affect hardwood demand?

Not according to Brad. “Even an entry-level wood floor has more value than an expensive lookalike. Wood is wood. Those similar products might even be driving the trend to use more natural stains on wood flooring – helping real wood to look like real wood, given that there are so many imitators. The hottest wood floors today are stained with only a pinch of colour, not the greys or darks of previous decades. And Timeless always stays on the edge of these trends.” he says.

Now, let’s tell you how Brad came to Timeless, and how this all affects our team.

Similar Family Values Create Win-Wins

Brad has 20+ years’ experience in flooring, including 6 years at Bona as their Western Canada Territory manager. Bona is the hardwood flooring industry’s premier brand of cleaning, maintenance, professional finishing and installation products.

But as a father of three young children, Brad lamented the demands of heavy travel in his role. On the other hand, he enjoyed a longstanding positive rapport with the Timeless team, and particularly Paul Phillips, our President, who is very much a family man.

In fact, Paul has six kids of his own, with three under ten years old. Recently Paul had been feeling the travel pinch too, managing both the Calgary and Vancouver offices and flying almost every week. Thus the opportunity to collaborate was the perfect solution.

Having Brad fill the Vancouver Branch Manager created double win for both active dads. But there’s more to it than that.

Floor Planning, with a Shared Attitude

For those who know the energy level of Paul Phillips, it is easy to understand the popularity of Timeless Wood Floors and why the brand is growing like gangbusters: Phillips is a “make it happen”, sales-oriented leader. That means he would not settle for a manager who doesn’t share his can-do orientation.

“I’m definitely sales-focused,” says Brad, “But operational too. It was very positive that I already knew Timeless’ customers before I stepped into this role– they’re the same flooring stores I dealt with when I was at Bona. And they consistently told me they got faster response from the Timeless team than any other brand. Responsiveness is what I’m all about,”

Brad also likes Phillips’ agile yet strategic approach to growth.

“Paul works fast, but over the years, I’ve noticed that he carefully plans his decisions,” says Brad, “no new Timeless product is added unless there is a gap to fill, and no products are redundant.”

He adds that although Timeless is Western-Canadian based and faces-off with many US and international brands, flooring stores in BC and Alberta consider it their go-to. “Timeless is very well-respected by flooring dealers here, given its hardwood flooring products in every price range. It’s definitely their first choice in engineered hardwood.”

Taking the Floor, and Engineering Success

So far, Brad has been thoroughly enjoying the team and work environment at the Timeless Wood Floors branch office.

“With Timeless having a strong team and processes, it was important to start by observing,” he clarifies, “so I’m looking to improve wherever I can.” The main things he looks for? “Response time to customers, and cleanliness – which means things being orderly too. Not just so nothing is missing, but to make a great first impression for customers walking in.”

He says his initial observation is that the branch runs very well, and that the showroom is well-appointed, with most floor samples at the ready and available quickly. “For little things we’re missing, I’m already working at getting them. But we’ve also got a bigger vision to improve and enhance the showroom when the opportunity is right.”

Brad sees a promising future ahead at Timeless, and loves his new team. “One thing I’m going to make time for is fun,” says Brad, which might include some team-building, sports or just getting out of the office together.

This might well include customers and suppliers too.

“Work is about the people you meet, and making the most of those relationships,” he says.

After all, relationships, like wood flooring, can also be Timeless. Welcome to the team, Brad!