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Calgary Hardwood Floors

Timeless: Hardwood Flooring Designed
for the Dry, Unpredictable Calgary Climate

It’s not easy to find the perfect engineered hardwood floors for Calgary’s climate.

With the winter deep freezes, chinooks and tinder-dry summer air, we spent years struggling to find reliable wood flooring from imported brands. Why? Because it can often take a few years for potential issues to appear: top layers that curl, planks that warp, and gaps that widen when furnaces are full-throttle in the dead of winter.

Finally, we decided to design a brand ourselves that could really perform well in Calgary’s climate over the long haul. We call it Timeless. Here’s what makes it unique:

  • Sliced or dry-sawn lamella. The lamella is the top wood layer of the floor which shows its distinct wood species. Most non-Canadian brands use peeled/applied top layers, which crack in dry conditions. Ours are dry-sawn and pre-dried to only 6% moisture content, versus the average of 8 – 9%.

  • Wider humidity warranty. Our process means we can cover a wider warranty range of 25% - 60% humidity. Most brands only cover 30 – 55%. Timeless also carries a 25-year finish warranty, is Floorscore® certified to meet sustainable building standards.

  • Calgary-based style. Other than just the technical side, we also pride ourselves on having style selections that personify Calgary’s contemporary Western tastes. How? We use Calgary interior designers to select and update our looks every year.

Where can I view Timeless?

Since there are countless of styles, welcome buyers to come on into Treeco’s Calgary wholesale showroom. We have all the varieties here and samples you can take home at no charge. Or, you can use the form below to contact us, and if you like, we can mail you samples.

Where can I buy Timeless?

Once you choose which hardwood you’d like, we’ll direct you to nearby retailers who stock, sell and/or install your chosen floor for you.

When can I see it?

We’re open M-F, 7:00am – 5:00pm MT. Feel free to drop by, or you can fill out the form below, and we’ll reply within 2 hours on business days.

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