Discerning homeowners who want a “lifetime” floor that can be sanded and re-finished multiple times over decades, but also need the stability benefits of engineered construction find exactly what they are looking for in the Pacific Coast Collection. Pacific Coast’s matte finish and multiple looks fit easily into many fashion styles from Traditional to Modern. Wide plank floors that are long in length add elegance to a home, so we make sure that 80% of the boards in your Pacific Coast floor are 6ft long. The Pacific Coast 3 ply structure is the most stable that we’ve seen for our variable Western Canadian Climate allowing us to use a 4.0mm dry-sawn White Oak lamella that is stronger and thicker than most top layers without sacrificing stability. The 4.0mm dry-sawn lamella also allows for 3-4 future sandings making the life of the floor stretch multiple decades. This structure also creates a maximum stability and allows it to be fully warrantied for glue down applications over hydronic radiant heat systems

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