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Gemcore Earth Scotsdale

Designed by Western Canadians

With Our Unique Environment & Fashion Sense in Mind

We only used sliced or dry sawn lamellas as peeled lamellas (top visual layer) tend to crack easily in low humidity and fail. Many manufacturers use peeled lamellas as they do work in consistently humid environments and are inexpensive to produce.

Timeless Wood Floors never uses peeled lamellas as they tend to fail during the winter in Western Canada when the air turns cold and cannot hold any humidity. We custom dry the moisture content in our stocked Collections to 6% +/- 1%.

The Western Canadian Environment Is Very Dry During The Winter

The largest factor in hardwood floor failure is the flooring losing moisture content (MC) which causes the wood to shrink, which then promotes cracking, checking etc.

Since our products are dried to 6% +/- 1% in moisture content they will lose less moisture in dry environments than products that are dried to the “standard” 8% o9% +/- 1%.  Many of our competitors use 8% or 9% as their standard moisture content since it works in many regions.

This allows us to lower our warrant-able relative humidity range to an industry leading 25%-60%.  The range is 30%-60% if your floor is installed on a radiant heated sub-floor.


Our Looks & Colours Are Designed in Western Canada

The trends in Western Canada are significantly different than in the Eastern time zone in the US and Canada. Fashion tends to start on a coast and move inland. Most of our competitors’ head offices are in the Eastern time zone and their colour and fashion decisions are made there while we take our fashion cues from the West Coast.

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