Napa Hand Sculpted *NEW*

These engineered floors have been crafted with an emphasis on character and enhanced texture to give you a floor of beauty and style. Each board is sculpted by hand and no two boards are identical. This collection works well in Classic, Traditional and Rustic design themes.

Highlights and Specifications

  • 2mm dry sawn lamellas on a plywood core.
  • Residential Warranty: 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Structure.
  • Radiant Heat Approved – Walnut and Maple Only – Floating, Nail and Glue down installation.
  • Carton Size: 43.31 sqft.
  • Thickness: 1/2″.
  • Width: 4″ , 6″ , 8″.

Designed for the rigors of the Western Canadian climate

As hardwood wear layers increase in thickness, so does their strength and they become less stable in fluctuating humidity. A 2mm hardwood wear layer maximizes stability without sacrificing beauty and structure. Our 2mm hardwood wear layer uses almost 10 times less hardwood than ¾” solid products, yet has the same look and wear resistance. This is the most environmentally sound use of the slow growing hardwood resources. We use a better grade of hardwood lumber for our wear layers than ¾” solid manufacturers use for their solid hardwood. The result is longer lengths in our product than is possible in solid.