Formaldehyde Statement

February 5, 2016

Increasingly homeowners are asking about formaldehyde levels in wood flooring products.

At Timeless Wood Floors we are committed to only supplying products that are safe for consumers. We must be able to say “We would have this in our own homes”, before we would sell any product.

Internationally there are various standards for acceptable levels of formaldehyde emitted from products like cabinets, furniture and flooring. Europe has their E1 standard and the United States, specifically California, have their strict CARB 2 (California Air Resource Board) standard. At this time CARB Phase 2 is the strictest formaldehyde standard in the world. CARB is a California standard and technically not required in Canada but increasingly consumers are requesting this level of compliance for products they choose for their home.

It is Timeless Wood Floors policy that all flooring products that we sell which fall under CARB regulations in California must be produced with components from facilities that produce CARB Phase 2 compliant products.

It is Timeless Wood Floors policy that all manufacturing partners source components from manufacturers with up to date CARB Phase 2 certification. Timeless Wood Floors verifies this certification multiple times a year.

It is also important to know that Timeless Wood Floors does not solely rely on our manufacturing partners’ assurances of CARB Phase 2 compliance. We submit random samples to an independent testing facility for verification that our products meet or exceed CARB Phase 2

We are very proud to announce that through Feb 5, 2016 our independent testing has confirmed that no Timeless Wood Floors products that would be regulated in California under CARB Phase 2 have produced results that exceeded allowable levels for use in California homes.


Terry O’Neill